Red Robin Allergens Menu

This is the ultimate guide to Red Robin Allergens Menu! If you are a sufferer of food allergies or other dietary restrictions dining out may be difficult. 

This is the reason Red Robin comes in, with their extensive Allergens Menu created to give you the necessary information to make healthy and delicious choices. 

In this post we’ll take a look at what’s on the Red Robin Allergens Menu, looking at how it accommodates those who suffer from food allergies and help to navigate the dining options for them. 

Red Robin Allergens Menu

Let’s take a look at the specifics of Red Robin’s Red Robin Allergens Menu and how it can enhance eating experiences while making sure your allergies are under control.

Red Robin Allergens Menu

When I think of the restaurant name, Red Robin, my mind immediately goes to their catchy jingle, “Red Robin, Yummm!”

Top 9 Food Allergies Friendliness

In order to be top in this class, there must be a range of choices in the top nine food allergens (tree nuts wheat, peanuts, egg, soy and fish, shellfish as well as sesame). It should be reflected across the menu, starting with appetizers and ending in desserts.

Red Robin’s allergen menu online first asks you to enter your address. This is a further security method which Red Robin has put in place to provide menu options as well as ingredients and cooking methods may differ depending on the location.

For my review, I entered my address. However, your locality may offer different services.

Milk Allergy

There are several options for milk free burgers and sandwiches. You do have to be mindful of what toppings go on the burger as not all the toppings are milk free. Obviously, no cheese – but be mindful of other toppings that may contain milk.

Those with a milk allergy cannot have the sauteed mushrooms, sauteed portobello mushrooms, fried eggs, caramelized grilled onions, onion straws, bacon strips of different varieties (black pepper, candied, etc.), whole fried jalapenos, or the jalapeno coins on your burger or sandwich.

Egg Allergy

There are numerous options to choose from Red Robin burgers, chicken salad, pizza and other menu items that have eggs that are egg-free.

It is recommended to limit eggs, whole jalapenos that have been fried coin, jalapeno bacon, jalapeno (any kind) sauteed mushrooms, onions straws, caramelized grill onions, onion straws sauteed portobello mushroom, and cheddar cheese mix eating in Red Robin as these items contain eggs.

Certain dressings and sauces that you have to avoid if you have eggs from Red Robin are Grey Poupon bistro sauce, premium mayonnaise baja ranch dressing red’s secret tavern sauce chipotle aioli, and roasted garlic aioli as well as campfire mayo.

Soy Allergy

There’s a huge variety of menu items available at Red Robin for burgers, salads, chicken, and pizza.

Be aware that you must stay clear of these toppings if you have an allergy to soy when eating at Red Robin Jalapeno coins whole fried jalapenos bacon American cheese, sauteed mungs onions straws, hot rings cheddar sauces, caramelized onions sauteed portobello, and portobello mushrooms along with cheddar mix.

Don’t eat the mayo from the campfire because it is a source of soy.

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Wheat Allergy

There are plenty of options for people who have an allergy to wheat. Red Robin offers a gluten free bun, or a wedgie-style burger for people who prefer chicken sandwiches or burgers.

Unfortunately, there isn’t any gluten-free appetizers available.

Toppings that DO comprise wheat are Jalapeno Coins, Whole jalapenos fried bacon (all kinds) cheese sauce onion straws, campfire mayo as well as the sweet and dense sauce called teriyaki.

Tree Nut Allergy

There’s a huge choice of options from every category, with dessert being the exception. The only dessert classified as tree nut-free is the kids’ Sundae. The majority of families with tree nut allergies will agree to have an option for a single dessert and that includes ice cream, particularly.

Some safe sundae toppings that are suitable for those who suffer from a tree nut allergy according to Red Robin’s menu for allergens include maraschino cherries, whipped creme rainbow sprinkles, as well as chocolate syrup.

Peanut Allergy

Desserts are the most significant aspect to be concerned about when eating in Red Robin. But, there are many more dessert options for those with peanut allergies than others of the most common food allergies.

Anyone with allergies to peanuts may be able to enjoy the sundaes for children. Of course, you have to be mindful of toppings. 

The safe toppings for people with peanut allergies according to Red Robin’s menu for allergens include maraschino cherries, whipped-cream rainbow sprinkles, and chocolate syrup.

Other safe peanut-free alternatives for desserts include lemonade with freckles cake or strawberry lemonade cakes.

Shellfish Allergy

The menu at Red Robin has limited shellfish. However, those who have a problem with shellfish might not be aware that they must ensure that they do not consume Red Robin’s entire fried jalapenos on their menus since Red Robin denotes that it is not suitable for people with allergies to shellfish.

Due to the entire fried jalapenos not being noticeable to the diner with a shellfish allergy, I have decided to rate the shellfish allergy category a bit lower.

Fish Allergy

Anyone suffering from a fish allergy should be aware that the wings aren’t classified as safe on the Red Robin’s Allergen menu. Pretzels bites and mozzarella sticks, and pickles cooked in oil are not suitable for people with fish allergies. This could have to do with the fryer used to fry fish.

Delicious and safe snacks like the cheese pizza, as well as the famous pepperoni pizza.

The jalapeno coins, the whole jalapenos fried in oil bacon slices (of all kinds) and onion straws shouldn’t be included in your purchase since they are identified as having fish in them.

There are plenty of pizza options however onion straws must be removed of your Whiskey River BBQ Pizza if you suffer from a fish allergy.

Sesame Allergy

Sesame is recently named among the most prominent 9 allergies in the United States and Red Robin does not flinch at. It clearly lists what foods contain sesame on its allergen menu.

Red Robin does serve buns with sesame, which include their brioche buns, the Tavern Bun as well as the traditional sesame bun. 

It is possible to swap the sesame buns with their free options which include the croissant style, which is similar to a wedgie or gluten-free bun.

Customizing Your Order at Red Robin

If you dine at Red Robin, you have the ability to tailor your meal to meet your personal dietary requirements and preferences.

Here are a few important points to remember when preparing your meal to suit your needs:

  1. Tell your server about it: Start by informing your server of your food sensitivities or restrictions you may have. They’ll be able to help you navigate the menu and offer suggestions in accordance with your requirements.
  2. Questions: Be sure to inquire about ingredients or cooking methods. The Red Robin staff Red Robin are trained to help you and give accurate information on what menu options are available.
  3. Check out the Allergens Menu: Take advantage of the extensive information contained on the Red Robin Allergens Menu. It will assist you in identifying the potential allergens that might be present in each food item and help you make informed choices regarding your food choices.
  4. Modify the ingredients: If a menu dish contains a food ingredient that which you’re allergic to, ask whether it is possible to substitute or eliminated it. 
  5. Please indicate any cross-contamination issues: If you have severe allergies and are worried about cross-contamination issues, be sure you inform your server. Red Robin takes allergen safety seriously and will take special precautions to avoid cross-contamination.
  6. Explore the options for customization: Red Robin provides a variety of customizable options that can be adapted to your personal preferences. 
  7. Take into consideration specific requirements: If you have special requests that go beyond the normal choices for customization, like the cooking method or ingredient combination.

Be aware that your safety and satisfaction are of the utmost importance in Red Robin.

The Benefits of Red Robin’s Allergens Menu

Red Robin’s Allergens menu offers numerous benefits to people suffering from food allergies:

  1. Safety enhanced: Comprehensive information on allergens reduces the chance of exposure accidental.
  2. More confidence in the customer: They can make informed decisions and take pleasure in their meals in peace.
  3. Many options to choose from: Red Robin offers a broad selection of allergen-friendly menu items, which allows an enjoyable dining experience.
  4. Flexible: Customization options allow customers to customize their orders to meet their specific dietary requirements.


Food allergies can be a problem at restaurants, but it isn’t an intimidating task. 

It’s easy with Red Robin’s Allergens Menu empowers individuals with precise information on allergens that are present within their meals. 

With a focus on safety, an array of choices, and a user-friendly interface Red Robin ensures that customers with food allergies can have an enjoyable meal without worry.

FAQs – Red Robin Allergens Menu

Do Red Robins fries have soy?

Steak Fries Note the steak fries from Red Robin are not made with eggs, wheat or soy, fish, milk, shellfish or eggs Also, Red Robin does have a special fryer that is used to cook the steak fries.

Is the Red Robin Allergens Menu available at all their locations?

Yes, the Red Robin Allergens Menu is accessible in each of the Red Robin branches, offering identical allergen information across their restaurants.

Can I customize my order at Red Robin to accommodate my allergies?

Absolutely! Red Robin encourages customers to modify their orders according to their diet requirements and food allergies.

How often does Red Robin update their Allergens Menu?

Red Robin regularly changes their menu to reflect changes in the ingredients or information about allergens. It is highly recommended that you check the menu prior to each visit.